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  • Is Your Pedal Compatible? SPD vs. DELTA

    Published in Tips on May 14th, 2020

    SPD.. Delta.. what?! We're breaking it down in this post. Showing you how to check if your current pedals will work with our Slipstreams, and what you can do about it if they don't!

    Our Slipstreams are only compatible with the SPD Cleat and Pedal, so we'll kick things off with those!



    The SPD Cleat and accompanying pedal is the only cleat/pedal combination that is compatible with our Slipstreams. A notable feature of this cleat are the two screws in the middle. The SPD pedal however can be slightly harder to recognize, but you'll notice the raised components in the front and back where the cleat will "click" in to.

    Already have all of this going on? AWESOME. Click here to learn how to install the cleats into your shoes.



    Featuring a triangular shape and more open pedal attachment, this is the LOOK DELTA (also known as DELTA, LOOK, SPD SL). Most commonly found on Peloton bikes. This combination is not compatible with our Slipstreams.

    Does this look familiar? No worries, you can swap out any Delta pedal for an SPD one! We sell SPD pedals here (they even come with a cleat set included- so you'll be good to go!).


    Commonly found at SOULCYCLE locations, some bikes will feature a pedal that can accomodate two types of cleats. One side will attach to an SPD cleat and the other will attach to a LOOK DELTA. The Slipstream shoe will work with this pedal when attached to the SPD side.

    If you're sharing a bike with another rider whose spin shoes require the LOOK DELTA cleat, this pedal can be a great option!

    As always, if you have any questions concerning your Slipstreams, SPD cleats, cleat installation, or clipping in, contact us and we would be happy to help!

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