• Wild Neutrals Collection

  • The Slipstream arrives in two wild new prints

  • Burgundy Dahlia Slipstream

  • Our new floral inspired colorway is now in bloom

  • Latus Studio Trainer

  • Free yourself to move in our do-it-all sneaker

  • Men
  • Now available in men's sizing!

  • The original cult favorite cycling sneaker is now available in men's sizes 8 thru 13

  • Clip in, in style

  • We've launched our men's line with three brand new exclusive colorways

  • Cleats sold separately

  • The Slipstream is SPD compatible. Be sure to add a set to your cart, or if you already have cleats you can simply transfer them over to your new shoes.

  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Aero Lite II Bike Short

  • Get the shorts to match, available in both padded and unpadded styles

  • Low Cut Performance Wool Sock

  • From hand-dyed crews to performance wool no-shows, our socks have almost as many fans as our shoes

  • Cleats and Pedals

  • Grab what you need to make sure you can clip in at home or in the studio. Questions? Check out our FAQ or reach out!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Product & Sizing

    TIEM currently offers three different styles: The Slipstream (Cycling), the Via (Cycling), and the Latus (HIIT/Training)

    Both cycling styles, the Slipstream and Via, are built with SPD cleat compatibility to clip into most at-home, studio, or road bikes. Although both shoes can be used for indoor or outdoor riding, the Slipstream is designed with indoor cycling in mind, while the Via is designed to perform well in outdoor elements.

    The Latus is our training sneaker, designed for all other cardio classes such as bootcamp, HIIT, tabata, boxing, etc. or everyday wear. With a strapping system that's built to support lateral movements, and our patented TIEMCORE technology, the Latus gives you the versatility to handle any workout off-the-bike.

    The Slipstream and Via are compatible with the SPD cleat - sold on our website - which will clip into almost every at-home, studio, or outdoor bike. The SPD cleat is compatible with studios such as SoulCycle, Equinox, and many more. It will also work with many outdoor bikes as well. Just be sure to check that your pedal states that it is SPD compatible.

    If you have a stationary bike at home or a personal bike you ride outdoors that is not compatible with SPD cleats (i.e. Peloton), it is very simple to switch the type of pedals used so that you are able to clip in with our shoes. We sell SPD compatible pedals if needed.

    The Slipstream and Via are not compatible with a LOOK Delta cleat.

    SPD cleats are sold separately. You may purchase them here.

    We recommend having someone at your cycling studio or local bike shop install your cleats for you. They will have some expertise on where to align the cleats and how tightly they need to be fastened. But if you are planning to install them yourself, see our blog post for some tips.

    The Slipstream and Via's primary intended use is cycling. We do not recommend running or high impact cardio in either style. Cycling shoes are constructed with a rigid sole plate that is ideal for cycling, but not suitable for running (due to this lack of flexibility, we also discourage driving a car in the Slipstream as well). That being said, both cycling shoes can be comfortably worn while off the bike to walk around a gym or for other low-intensity use.

    The Latus is designed more specifically for your studio workout classes that entail movements like skaters, lunges, pivots, etc.

    Although they can be worn for fitness classes with running components, we do not recommend using these shoes as your normal running shoes and running long distances. Running shoes are developed specifically with forward motion in mind, while the Latus is developed for more lateral movement.

    All of our shoes have a standard width, and fit relatively true to size.

    Slipstream (Cycling) - We recommend a snug fit for cycling, and this style will stretch slightly as you wear and break them in. So if you have a narrow foot or are in between sizes, we recommend sizing down.

    Via (Cycling) - Again, we recommend a tighter fit for cycling, but this shoe will not have as much flexibility in the upper portion. So if you're between sizes or have a wider foot, we recommend sizing up.

    Latus (Training) - This style should fit like a traditional sneaker or cross trainer, with some room in the toe area. We recommend ordering true to your traditional sneaker size.

    Yes, we recently launched our Men's Slipstream Collection. So the Slipstream cycling shoe is now available in 3 exclusive colorways, in men's sizes 8 - 13.

    Our Men's and Women's Collections are produced on different sizing scales, with different shapes and widths. So there is not a direct comparison, but in general we have found that it's about a 1.5 size difference.

    Please also reference the Size Guide on the product pages.

    Shipping & Returns

    TIEM will accept returns that have been sent back within 30 days of delivery. For exchanges, TIEM will provide a return shipping label at no charge. For refunds, a $5 flat rate will be deducted from the refund amount to cover return shipping.

    To be eligible for a refund/exchange, your item(s) must be unused, in its original packaging, and in the same condition that you received it. Please note, for the Slipstream or Via: if you have installed an SPD cleat into your shoes, we cannot accept a return for any reason, even if the cleat is subsequently removed.

    Click here to read more or to start your return/exchange.

    Yes, as long as your cleats have not been installed and the item is still in its original packaging, we offer free exchanges within our 30 day return window for all U.S. orders.

    Simply follow our returns process and you'll be prompted to provide the new size/color requested while processing your return.

    Orders placed before 1 PM EST will typically ship same day or within 1 business day. Orders placed after that point will ship the next business day.

    We ship out of our warehouse in Massachusetts. Please note, once your order has left our warehouse we do not have control over shipping/delivery times.

    We ship to many countries around the world. If you try to place an order and find that shipping is not yet available to your location, please reach out to us to let us know!

    You can also visit our distributor based out of the UK by heading to tiemathletic.co.uk or tiemathletic.eu.


    You can purchase all TIEM footwear online through our web store.

    Our shoes are also available at a number of fitness studios and stores across the country. Check out our list of retail stockists. Please keep in mind, these retail locations only carry limited inventory, so we recommend calling to see what is available.

    This is a question we get all the time! It is not pronounced like "time" or "team." It is pronounced tee-em. As if you're saying the letter T and M together. Thanks for checking!

    If your question is not answered above, please don't hesitate to contact us.