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    Published in Spotlights on April 18, 2022

    Let's chat about the Via Cycling shoe with Mom, former Bachelor contestant, & beat-based cycling instructor, Renée Maynard!


    Our Via Cycling Shoes are the newest addition to our footwear family. Built with the DNA of our best selling indoor cycling shoes, the Slipstreams, we added a toggle closure and weather resistant materials for added durability.


    We caught up with Renée to hear all about how the Via's take her from indoor riding to mountain bike adventuring outdoors with her boys! Read on to learn more.

    Tell us a little more about your journey in the cycling world!

    My cycling journey began back in 2006 at my local YMCA right after I had my first kiddo. It was my therapy. It still is - I love to get lost in the music, the vibe, the ride. So here we now, it's 2022! I love to cycle both indoors and out. I have 3 very active boys who love to mountain bike so the Via gets a little muddy in the woods, but I also love to ride on them on my indoor bike when I am teaching virtual cycling classes online!

    How long have you been riding in the Via?

    I purchased my Via's back in October 2021 + my feet have been obsessed ever since! Not only do I wear my Via's on my indoor bike, I also use then as a cross trainer - making the Via an awesome transition shoe from the bike to the floor without making a shoe swap! I also work out in a gym 2x a week and my Via's feel GREAT on that gym floor!

    "Now that I'm 40, it's all about that comfort. So what I love about TIEM shoes, (The Via, the Slipstream, and the Latus!), is not only are they gorgeous, but they are incredibly comfortable + supportive!"

    What was your first impression of the Via Cycling Shoe?

    A couple of things stood out to me right away. When I first received my box, I picked it up and thought "oh these must just be the socks!" but no! The shoes were inside! SO INSANELY LIGHT which I love about the Via. Heavy shoes on my little feet do not mesh well. Once I opened the box, I immediately noticed the pop of color! I love a good, bright shoe and the Ocean Blue Via checks off all the visual boxes for me! It's a gorgeous shoe and no matter where I go, someone always asks me about them!

    How does the Via impact your ride?

    Lots of wear + tear on my feet overtime has definitely lead me down a totally different shopping aisle when it comes to footwear. I can't just throw on whatever "looks cute". Now that I'm 40, it's all about that comfort. So what I love about TIEM shoes, (The Via, the Slipstream, and the Latus!), is not only are they gorgeous, but they are incredibly comfortable + supportive! There's nothing worse than an uncomfortable shoe - am i right? I can't thank TIEM enough for creating a brand that's fashionable, stylish, and most importantly… comfortable! I also love what TIEM stands behind. Their message. Their purpose. Their movement.

    Besides cycling, what else do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

    I have found a love for intermittent fasting. I live the FASTer Way . So I focus a lot on whole food nutrition! I never realized how important diet was until I hit 40. I felt like garbage all the time, which didn't make any sense because I loved to work out! But really leveling up and focusing on the foods I was putting into my body, in addition to the cycling + strength training I was doing, my health, my mood, my body - everything changed for me and I can't be happier for this new lifestyle I have full on committed to. I admit - I hop on my bike every day. Even if it's for 10 minutes. It's my way to reset. To have that time for a fresh start. To get my blood pumping. My mind right. I'll turn on a good song and just go. I get lost in it to be honest. But I also love to hike - I live in the PNW and our world is simply magical. Endless options of breathtakingly beautiful hikes. If you haven't had a chance to visit the PNW, you should do it:) And be sure to wear your Via's on the trails!







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