TIEM Music // September 2020

Published in Playlists on September 3, 2020

Let's start September with a good sweat! Grab your Slipstreams and hop on your at-home bike for this week's curated ride. All you'll need is a towel, water, and light hand weights.

As usual, this ride is built around the idea of riding to the beat of each song. We'll be providing choreography for your at-home bike below, but feel free to use this as the background for however you're choosing to move today!



  1. Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) — BLACKPINK
  2. Talk To Me (ft. Conor Maynard) — Möwe
  3. Head & Heart (ft. MNEK) — Joel Corry, MNEK
  4. Nightlight — ILLENIUM
  5. Nights Like This - PBH & Jack Remix — Loud Luxury, CID
  6. queen of broken hearts — blackbear
  7. Ain't Thinkin Bout You — KREAM, Eden Prince, Louisa
  8. Goosebumps — HVME
  9. Mood (ft. Ian Dior) — 24kGoldn
  10. Giants - Sam Feldt Remix — Dermot Kennedy
  11. Sleepwalking - Extended Mix — Win and Woo
  12. love u again (with R3HAB) — Olivia Holt
  13. Apache Anthem Wolfpack
  14. Little Things – Louis The Child

If you're new to cycling classes, keep these few things in mind...

• Keep your core engaged and your back straight.

• Do not tense your shoulders or squeeze the handlebars. Remember, upper body light.

• Resistance is your friend! Don’t ride too light or too heavy. Listen to your body.

Choreography provided is only a suggestion. Whether you decide to tap it back and jump, or ride seated for the duration of the playlist, you’re guaranteed to get a great workout. Enjoy!

Hand Positions

Position 1: Keeping your hands in the center of the handlebar for warm ups, cool downs, or recovery.

Position 2: Placing your hands in the curve of the handlebars.

Position 3: Holding the top of the handlebars with hips over the seat.

Ride Choreography


Take a deep breath in and start to find the beat, adding on just enough resistance to feel supported. Begin to engage your core and relax your shoulders. No choreo here- just add touches of resistance as you feel your body warming up.


Take a little resistance off the wheel and hit the saddle. Hands at position 2, start to find your speed. On the drop- we're going into 4-count jumps up to third position at :59, 2:24. Listen to the music and keep jumping until the end of the drop! Rest, repeat.


Add 2-3 big turns on the wheel and find some pressure. Stay pushing through this resistance in the saddle, lifting up to small corners at :39, 1:25, and 2:12. Focus on feeling strong through this one.


Take a half turn off and start to pick up your tempo! Finding control in the lower body, begin focusing on your upper body. There will be two drops (1:18 and 3:00)- at these times, start dropping your elbows and contracting your core to crunch until the drop quits. Don't forget to add some resistance between each drop for an extra burn.


Add a full turn of resistance on to the wheel, becoming more intentional with each pedal. We have two 30 second pushes against the beat here! Heart rate will come up and it should feel like a challenge- so push it! At :47 and 2:18 put a full turn on the wheel and try to find a pace ahead of the beat, keeping it for the whole drop!


Stay up in position 3 and make that wheel sticky. Sit back and drive your heels down, opening up your "bounce". Focus on adding a quarter/half turn of resistance every 30 seconds. This beat should feel heavy and hard to hold on to towards the end of the song. Breathe, feel strong, burn it out!


Shake off the resistance and hit the saddle. Hands at position 2, start to find your speed. Getting ready for three sets of 4-count jumps up to third position at :39, 1:24, 3:09. Not watching the minutes? That's okay! Listen to the music and push yourself to add in at least 10 of these jumps.


Turn up the resistance and let's burn it out. We're hitting one single long isolation- which means contract your lower body and cut out your bounce at :47 and hold it until 2:04. Consider this your mental challenge of the day. Want more? See if you can hold it until the end of the song!


Take off a few turns of resistance until the wheel is close to a flat road, stay in the saddle until you find this beat. When you've got it- lift it up to third and hold the jog! Remember to relax your upper body throughout the song and hang to to this pace! The moment it becomes to feel easy, add an inch of resistance.


Keeping the resistance light and feet fast- hit the saddle. Adding in some seated crunches while the beat builds and get ready to run it out of the saddle at :54 and 1:48.

11: ARMS

Quickly shake your legs out after that hill and grab your light hand weights! Grabbing both weights in one hand, alternate through the following- BICEP CURL, FRONT RAISE, HAMMER CURL, LATERAL RAISE until we're halfway through the song (~2:10). Then switch arms!


This one's for you to take at your own pace. In the saddle, up in third- whatever feels best. Take these 3 minutes out of your day to be completely in your workout.


Coming back down to the saddle, we have two sprints to bring this ride home! Resistance around our flat road, start to catch this beat. First sprint is at :52 for 30 seconds, you can lift it up into 3rd position or push it in the saddle! The second will start at 2:15 and go until the end of the song. Add on a half turn of resistance and push this one- finishing so strong!


Slow your legs and breathing down with a slow march. Use this final song to stretch at will, but be sure to hop off your bike and stretch your hamstrings, quads, glutes, and calves. Please make sure to hydrate after class! And grab a healthy carb and protein snack for post-workout muscle recovery. Amazing job today.


Tap Back: Make sure your back stays straight, abs are engaged, and stay tall on the bike. Rock your body back, moving your hips over the saddle, for a single count for a tap back. You should be able to feel the seat graze your butt as you do this move.

Isolate: To isolate, go into position 3 and keep your back straight. Make sure your hips are back so that your butt is exactly over the saddle. Keep your elbows in and maintain light pressure on the handlebars. Avoid bouncing and feel the burn in your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Jump: Start in your saddle and when the time comes to “jump,” get into position 3 and pedal off the saddle. Return to your seated position and repeat as necessary.

Hip Slides: Similar to tap back, except do not touch the saddle with your butt. Keep your arms and torso long with your chest up and open.

Crunches: Standing or seated with hands in position 1. Engage your core and crunch. Squeeze at the bottom and keep your chest open with your shoulders wide.

Reverse Jumps: Standing in position 3, engage your core and move your hips back until you are sitting in the seat. Return to the standing position and repeat to complete a reverse jump!

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