TIEM Music // November 2017

Published in Playlists on Nov 3, 2017

The songs featured in November's playlist were crowdsourced from the awesome members of our TIEM Revolution community. We received some terrific song requests and we think the playlist turned out great!


If you're new to cycling classes, keep these few things in mind...

• Keep your core engaged and your back straight.

• Do not tense your shoulders or squeeze the handlebars. Remember, upper body light.

• Resistance is your friend! Don’t ride too light or too heavy. Listen to your body.

Choreography provided is only a suggestion. Whether you decide to tap it back and jump, or ride seated for the duration of the playlist, you’re guaranteed to get a great workout. Enjoy!


  1. Fast Car (feat. Dakota) — Jonas Blue
  2. Good Grief (Don Diablo Remix) — Bastille
  3. Hei Bae (Asteroidz & DopeSquad Remix) — Kharfi
  4. Crawl Outta Love (feat. Annika Wells — Illenium
  5. Take Me Over (feat. SAFIA) — Peking Duk
  6. Move Your Body (Alan Walker Remix) — Sia
  7. New Rules (Alison Wonderland Remix) — Dua Lipa
  8. Trouble (feat. MC Spyder) — Wiwek & Gregor Salto
  9. That's What I Like (Alan Walker Remix) — Bruno Mars
  10. Whatever It Takes — Imagine Dragons
  11. With You (feat. Quin XCII) [Crystal Skies Remix] — Illenium
  12. Shot Down – Khalid

Hand Positions

Position 1: Keeping your hands in the center of the handlebar for warm ups, cool downs, or recovery.

Position 2: Placing your hands in the curve of the handlebars.

Position 3: Holding the top of the handlebars with hips over the seat.

Ride Choreography

Song 1: Add in one to two turns of resistance so you can stand on something. Start marching to the beat right/left in three. At the heavier beat, make your march more pronounced. At the heaviest beat, pulse for 16 counts. Repeat!

Song 2: Roll right into this song and stay in three marching to the slightly faster beat. Leave the resistance as is! At the chorus, move back for two, then up for two 8x. Sit for 16 counts and pick up the pace to double speed. At the drop, stand in 3 and ride for 64 counts. Slow pace back to original speed, and repeat!

Song 3: Peel resistance back a little for this one. Start seated with hands in one and ride on pace. This one is very fast. Start slow crunches (8x) at first change in music, then 8 crunches side to side to target those obliques. At drop, stand in 3 and maintain speed! Keep your core engaged and your hips back. Sit and hold pacing. Repeat the sequence. Isolate at the end for the final 30 seconds.

Song 4: Add in two turns of resistance and stand up into three. At the drop, tap it back — singles 8x, doubles 4x. Ride at the same pace in three. Repeat sequence. Isolate at the slowed music. Pick up pace with beat add in, then start tap backs — singles only!

Song 5: Add in resistance until your pace naturally slows to this beat while riding in three. Rein it in, focus on how your body moves and your breathing. When it gets easy, add in more resistance. Try riding with your eyes closed. Do not worry if you lose the beat.

Song 6: Reduce the resistance a little bit. Sit down and pick up your pace to hit the beat. Keep hands in one, start pulses (32x) with the beat. Switch to crunches (16x). At the drop, jump into three and ride it out! After 16 counts, start presses with claps. Sit down and repeat the sequence. For the last 30 seconds, sit and pulse to the end of the song.

Song 7: Add in a few turns of resistance until you feel grounded. Tuck your butt and squeeze your cheeks to engage your core. Grab some weights (2, 3, or 5 pounds). Start with bicep curls for 16x, then slowed 8x. Bring arms up above your head and do slow tricep presses 8x. At drops, put weights on handlebars, with hands in one and run it out. Push against the resistance. Repeat the sequence until the end of the song.

Song 8: Put your weights away and peel back on the resistance a bit. Pick up your pace and ride seated. At drops, add in a few turns of resistance until you feel grounded. Tuck your butt and squeeze your cheeks to engage your core. Grab some weights (2, 3, or 5 pounds). Arms!! Biceps, triceps, shoulders. At drops, put weights on handlebars, with hands in one and run it out. Push against the resistance.

Song 9: March in three to the beat. At the start of the beats (0:30), back for 2 then up for 2 8x. Isolate for slow bit. At hard drop, starting with right leg, find pace again and start “around the worlds” (4 counts in each position — three, middle bar, back bar). At next drop, switch to two counts in each position during “around the world.”

Song 10: Add in resistance and get ready for a hill climb. Find the pace, close your eyes, and add in resistance whenever it feels easy.

Song 11: Lessen the resistance and ride to the beat in 3. This song is taking you home! At drops, tap it back with presses! Singles 16x, doubles 8x. This pace is uncomfortable to maintain, but work through it. Remember to keep your core engaged and your hips back — you should be able to feel the seat with your legs.

Song 12: Take off any lingering resistance. Use this song to slow your breathing, stretch your legs and hips, wiggle your fingers and toes, and pat yourself on the back. This was a hard ride and you’ve made it to the end.


Tap Back: Make sure your back stays straight, abs are engaged, and stay tall on the bike. Rock your body back, moving your hips over the saddle, for a single count for a tap back. You should be able to feel the seat graze your butt as you do this move.

Isolate: To isolate, go into position 3 and keep your back straight. Make sure your hips are back so that your butt is exactly over the saddle. Keep your elbows in and maintain light pressure on the handlebars. Avoid bouncing and feel the burn in your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Jump: Start in your saddle and when the time comes to “jump,” get into position 3 and pedal off the saddle. Return to your seated position and repeat as necessary.

Hip Slides: Similar to tap back, except do not touch the saddle with your butt. Keep your arms and torso long with your chest up and open.

Crunches: Standing or seated with hands in position 1. Engage your core and crunch. Squeeze at the bottom and keep your chest open with your shoulders wide.

Reverse Jumps: Standing in position 3, engage your core and move your hips back until you are sitting in the seat. Return to the standing position and repeat to complete a reverse jump!

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