TIEM Music // February 2018

Published in Playlists on Feb 2nd, 2018

The beginning of February can sometimes mean the drop off in those New Year’s resolutions you set at the start of the year. Not this time! Use this playlist to re-energize those resolutions!

If you're new to cycling classes, keep these few things in mind...

• Keep your core engaged and your back straight.

• Do not tense your shoulders or squeeze the handlebars. Remember, upper body light.

• Resistance is your friend! Don’t ride too light or too heavy. Listen to your body.

Choreography provided is only a suggestion. Whether you decide to tap it back and jump, or ride seated for the duration of the playlist, you’re guaranteed to get a great workout. Enjoy!


  1. The Buzz — Hermitude
  2. Colors [Audien Remix] — Halsey
  3. Cut to the Feeling — Carly Rae Jepsen
  4. Indian Summer — Jai Wolf
  5. Feel Good [feat. Daya] — Gryffin & Illenium
  6. Feel it All — Tokio Hotel
  7. Line of Sight — ODEZA
  8. Feel It Still [Ofenbach Remix] — Portugal. The Man
  9. Resolution — Matt Corby
  10. We Might Fall — Ghastly & Matthew Koma
  11. Easier — Mansionair

Hand Positions

Position 1: Keeping your hands in the center of the handlebar for warm ups, cool downs, or recovery.

Position 2: Placing your hands in the curve of the handlebars.

Position 3: Holding the top of the handlebars with hips over the seat.

Ride Choreography

Song 1: Ride in 3 and catch the beat. At drop, start pulses up and down. Try to let go of the handlebars when you pulse up. After eight counts, start claps! Repeat at next drops

Song 2: Start seated with hands in 1, and with the voice, start pulses. At music change, slow crunches 16x, then obliques 16x. At drop, start your jump pyramid! Start with 2 count jumps 4x, 4 counts 2x, 8 counts 1x, then 4 counts 2x. Repeat sequence!

Song 3: Add in some heavy resistance, ride in three to the beat. At chorus, slide hips back for two counts each. Keep core engaged! Isolate at 2:10, pick up pace when beat kicks back in at 2:30.

Song 4: Take that resistance back down by one or two turns. Riding in three, fall into step with this beat. At drop, tap it back 16x singles, 8x doubles. For advanced riders, instead of just tap backs, try tap backs with a press!

Song 5: Add in two turns of resistance and stand up into three. At the drop, hip slides for two counts and four counts. Ride at the same pace in three. Repeat sequence. Isolate at the slowed music. Pick up pace with beat add in, then start tap backs — singles only!

Song 6: Ride to the beat in 3. Add in resistance whenever it starts to feel easy, or your body gets used to it. At drops, tap it back.

Song 7: Start seated, with hands in 1, at initial beat add in, start slow crunches 16x, switch to quick obliques side to side 32x. Maintain pace. At drop, pop into 3 and ride for 32 counts! Repeat sequence! Final 50 seconds, stay in 3 and keep the pace. Keep your core tight!

Song 8: Add in a bit more resistance so you are pushing against something. Start your arms series. Alternate between bicep curls, hammer curls, tricep dips, and rows, each for 16 counts.

Song 9: Close your eyes and ride this song out in three. Do what feels right for you, either just ride, add in taps, jumps, your choice. Listen to your body and keep the pace.

Song 10: Ride in 3 to the beat. At the drop, sit and sprint (double the pace)!

Song 11: Take off any lingering resistance. Use this song to slow your breathing, stretch your legs and hips, wiggle your fingers and toes, and pat yourself on the back. This was a hard ride and you’ve made it to the end.


Tap Back: Make sure your back stays straight, abs are engaged, and stay tall on the bike. Rock your body back, moving your hips over the saddle, for a single count for a tap back. You should be able to feel the seat graze your butt as you do this move.

Isolate: To isolate, go into position 3 and keep your back straight. Make sure your hips are back so that your butt is exactly over the saddle. Keep your elbows in and maintain light pressure on the handlebars. Avoid bouncing and feel the burn in your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Jump: Start in your saddle and when the time comes to “jump,” get into position 3 and pedal off the saddle. Return to your seated position and repeat as necessary.

Hip Slides: Similar to tap back, except do not touch the saddle with your butt. Keep your arms and torso long with your chest up and open.

Crunches: Standing or seated with hands in position 1. Engage your core and crunch. Squeeze at the bottom and keep your chest open with your shoulders wide.

Reverse Jumps: Standing in position 3, engage your core and move your hips back until you are sitting in the seat. Return to the standing position and repeat to complete a reverse jump!

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