TIEM Music // April 2020

Published in Playlists on April 17th, 2020

Just because we're riding from home doesn't mean the beats have to stop. This month we're bringing you a new playlist to freshen up your at-home workout routine!


If you're new to cycling classes, keep these few things in mind...

• Keep your core engaged and your back straight.

• Do not tense your shoulders or squeeze the handlebars. Remember, upper body light.

• Resistance is your friend! Don’t ride too light or too heavy. Listen to your body.

Choreography provided is only a suggestion. Whether you decide to tap it back and jump, or ride seated for the duration of the playlist, you’re guaranteed to get a great workout. Enjoy!


  1. Be Okay (Blanke Remix) — Party Favor, EZI, Blanke
  2. Whip — Dannic
  3. Killa — DISTO
  4. Wave (R3HAB remix)— Meghan Trainor, Mike Sabath
  5. Prrrum— Cosculluela
  6. Bad Boy Flow — Two Loud, Lo'did, Jenil
  7. Tell Me — Diddy, Christina Aguilera
  8. Playinwitme (KREAM remix) — KYLE, Kelhani, KREAM
  9. Rock that Body (Skrillex Remix) — Black Eyed Peas
  10. Lie to Me —Yellow Claw, Tinashe, Runtown
  11. Black Eyez — Emre Cizmeci
  12. Keep On – Sasha Sloan

Hand Positions

Position 1: Keeping your hands in the center of the handlebar for warm ups, cool downs, or recovery.

Position 2: Placing your hands in the curve of the handlebars.

Position 3: Holding the top of the handlebars with hips over the seat.

Ride Choreography

Song 1:Warm up.  Add on enough resistance to support yourself while standing out of the saddle. March to the beat in position 2! At the drops, tap your hips back for two counts, then back to starting position. Just breathe here and loosen up.

Song 2: Resistance push. Add resistance and find the beat, staying out of the saddle. As the music picks up, start to add resistance inch by inch, at the drop- push ahead of the beat. Between drops, take off some resistance and reset for the next push.

Song 3: Hill. Start in the saddle and begin to challenge yourself with resistance. When the “beat drops” and the chorus comes in, bring your hands to 3 and hit your corners (this is where you lift out of the saddle and move your hips in a strong figure 8, up&right-up&left-back&right-back&left). Repeat for the chorus, about 30 seconds. Keep core tight and heels pushing down first. Allow yourself to feel as strong as this beat.

Song 4: Sprints. Staying in the saddle, peel off resistance and speed up your legs. Check in with your form and relax your upper body. Finding just enough resistance to help you control a faster pace. When beat drops, add a little resistance, and chase after the beat in 3rd. You've got two of these, breathe on the inbetween.

Song 5: Endurance jog. Add a half turn of resistance, find the beat in the saddle. Once you have it, raise up to third position. Keeping your hips back, shoulders lowered, and core tight. Just focus on keeping this beat. If you lose it- hit the saddle and find your stride again, lifting back up only when you have it. Too easy? Add resistance! This one is a mental game, you can do it.

Song 6: Press to tap backs. Turn up the resistance and slow down to match the beat. Staying in third position. When the beat drops, bend your elbows out (like a push up position) and then shift back to a strong tapback. Don't be afraid to push the resistance here, this is a strong full body move. Repeat for 30 seconds at each drop.

Song 7: Hill. Start in the saddle, slowing down & adding resistance. Take a deep breathe and settle in to this strong, slow beat. Hands at 1 or 2. Focus on form and prepare to be your strongest at the end of this song. At every chorus make sure you're adding something to that resistance. At 2:38, bring your hands to 3 and stand up as relief- but stay on the beat. At 3:16, add resistance and hit the saddle- you're going to have to work to keep the beat here. Breathe, you're so close!

Song 8: Isolations. Raise up to third and jog it out. As music builds, add a full turn. When beat drops, cut the bounce and begin to isolate, hovering over the saddle. We've got 3 of these- nail down your form in during the first and then challenge yourself for the next two by adding resistance. Really engage your core, glutes, hamstrings, & quads.

Song 9: Arms. Hit the saddle and find a resistance that will help support your upper body during our arms song. We've got 5 minutes of work here! If you start to fatigue, raise your weights overhead and breathe. Try your best not to let your arms drop.

  • Hands open towards the ceiling, hold weights out and add a pulse until 0:47.
  • SET ONE: 16 Curls, 8 Two-Count Curls, 16 Curl to Press
  • Freeze at the top! Slowly bring hands together and lower them behind your head, add in a little pulse until 2:04.
  • SET TWO: 16 Overhead Tricep Extensions, 16 Overhead Tricep Push-outs, Pulse
  • Float hands up, pause & breath, lower arms in front of your body with palms of hands open to the floor, pulse until 3:30.
  • SET THREE: 16 Alternating Single Arm Rows, 16 Double Arm Rows, 16 Two-Count Double Arm Rows
  • Hold your arms out in front! Add a pulse, close your eyes if you need to, and pulse til the end. So close!!

Song 10: Put your weights away and start to let your legs find this jog. This entire song is your choice- up in third or down in the saddle. During these next few minutes just check your form, relax into the beat, and smile at how far you've come during this ride. We're about to bring it home- get excited.

Song 11: Final Sprints. Start in the saddle, ease up on resistance, shaking out your legs and finding speed. Build your pace and then either lift it up to third or stay low in the saddle and chase down the beat on the drops at 1:34 and 3:08. Both sprints last 30 seconds- hang on!! Recover in position 2 or the saddle. This is IT, you can do it!

Song 12: Cool down. Slow your legs and breathing down with a slow march. Use this final song to stretch at will, but be sure to hop off your bike and stretch your hamstrings, quads, glutes, and calves. Please make sure to hydrate after class! And grab a healthy carb and protein snack for post-workout muscle recovery.


Tap Back: Make sure your back stays straight, abs are engaged, and stay tall on the bike. Rock your body back, moving your hips over the saddle, for a single count for a tap back. You should be able to feel the seat graze your butt as you do this move.

Isolate: To isolate, go into position 3 and keep your back straight. Make sure your hips are back so that your butt is exactly over the saddle. Keep your elbows in and maintain light pressure on the handlebars. Avoid bouncing and feel the burn in your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Jump: Start in your saddle and when the time comes to “jump,” get into position 3 and pedal off the saddle. Return to your seated position and repeat as necessary.

Hip Slides: Similar to tap back, except do not touch the saddle with your butt. Keep your arms and torso long with your chest up and open.

Crunches: Standing or seated with hands in position 1. Engage your core and crunch. Squeeze at the bottom and keep your chest open with your shoulders wide.

Reverse Jumps: Standing in position 3, engage your core and move your hips back until you are sitting in the seat. Return to the standing position and repeat to complete a reverse jump!

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