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  • Published in Spotlights on Oct 30th, 2020


    THREE15 Studio
    2217 2nd Ave North
    Birmingham, AL 35203

    This month we chatted with Mandy Moseley, the founder of THREE15 Studios located in Alabama. Read on for an in depth look into the THREE15 world as she touches topics ranging from the inspiration to open a studio to retail strategy to finding growth during the challenging covid months. We couldn't be happier to have this studio as part of the TIEM family, and you're about to find out why!

    What was the inspiration to open the studio?

    I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and as boutique fitness has evolved, I wanted a space that encompassed my love for beat- based cycling, barre and strength work all under one roof. THREE15 allows our clients to get a high intensity workout with the benefit of three boutique studios in one class.

    How did the studio name come about?

    Our studio is named THREE15 because of the three 15 minute sections of class. Each class combines 15 minutes of cycling, 15 minutes of barre and 15 minutes of strength work.

    When did your studio open?

    June 2017 was our first studio and we are in the process of opening our 3rd location.

    Where are your studios located?

    Homewood, Downtown Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Al (ROLL TIDE)

    What different types of classes are offered?

    Our signature THREE15 class combines cycling, barre and strength work in a high intensity 55 minute class. We also offer a BASIC class that introduces you to the THREE15 method. In addition to our THREE15 classes we also offer a RIDE35, RIDE45 and RIDE60, which are cycle only classes. For our superstars, on Saturdays we offer a 75 minute class called BONUSRIDE, which combines a RIDE45 class and the THREE15 method.

    What are the membership options?

    We offer single classes, 10, 20 and 40 class passes as well as monthly unlimited memberships. We have 2 studios in the Birmingham area, which you are able to use both studios with your class pass/membership!

    "THREE15 is different.
    It is a safe space that has allowed me to grow
    just as much space as our clients."

    When you aren't at your studio what are some of your other favorite health boutiques to go to?

    I am a runner, so if I am not teaching, I try to squeeze in a run. When I am traveling, I try to squeeze in a class at a local cycling studio.

    Why is retail an important part of your studio strategy?

    I love that we are able to be a resource for our clients. We pride ourselves on trying to keep TIEMs stocked in all sizes, so that a customer can wear them the day they decide to purchase them. In addition to TIEM, we are an authorized retailer of lululemon, ivivva, ultracor, vimmia as well as our own branded items.

    What's the craziest thing that has happened while working at the studio?

    We had a professional photo shoot scheduled and half of the instructors decided to get spontaneous spray tans prior to the shoot. Unfortunately we were never able to use the photos since yours truly looked as if she had been photoshopped in from the Caribbean.

    We've been honored to have THREE15 participate in our Taps Back event for a few years now. What’s your favorite part about the event?

    We feel so honored that we have been asked to participate numerous times! We have so many clients that have been affected by breast cancer and this is another way to bring our community closer by showing our support through this fun and rewarding event. TIEM offers a great deal of support on their end to get us ready for rides, which sets us up for a successful event. This year, my favorite part was riding alongside one of our dear clients who just finished treatment for breast cancer in April. It was truly moving to have her riding with us, and for us to honor her and her impact on our community and studios.

    When did you start carrying TIEM Slipstreams?

    June 2018

    What motivated you to start carrying TIEM?

    I feel as if TIEM had us in mind when they were created. I had been researching a cycling shoe to carry, but since we are more than a cycling studio, I wanted to offer our clients a more versatile shoe that would allow them to transition to all 3 sections of our class. We were able to introduce Birmingham to TIEM because we were the first studio to carry the brand.

    What is the hardest part about running/working at this studio?

    I love it so much that it is hard for me to walk away sometimes. We have attracted some of the coolest clients and employees and they have turned into friends. In all honesty, it doesn't feel like a job most days! I get to exercise in really cute clothes and shoes everyday while trying to motivate my amazing team and clients to recognize how strong they are!!! It's a pretty cool job!

    Whats your favorite part about running/working at this studio?

    My favorite part is that I know that I am living my purpose. When I was leading a successful career in corporate America, I wasn't truly fulfilled because I knew that my purpose was to guide and to lead and to help others locate the strength inside of themselves. I can say with such conviction that I am doing that now. THREE15 is different. It is a safe space that has allowed me to grow just as much space as our clients.

    We know studios across the country all had different experiences with the COVID shutdown. Can you speak a little on how this experience was for THREE15? What were some key changes you made to keep your community both safe and engaged during this time?

    We were fortunate that our community grew during the shut down! We offered Instagram live classes right away and we were able to connect with people from all over the world. It also forced us to create an online platform, which continues to give access to our clients who cannot get to the studio. It was definitely a trying time, but I can honestly say that we used it as a time to grow. It caused us to step outside of our comfort zone (something we preach to our clients) as a brand and find new ways to connect with our people.

    Want to workout with Mandy?! Grab your latus sneakers and click here for her Cardio Barre Burn x TIEM live class!

    Anything we haven't asked that you'd like to tell us about?

    Over the past two years, I have watched this incredible team grow to nearly 20 instructors. If I told you how everyone just fell into place at the right time, you wouldn't believe me! Add to that the fact that we were voted the best fitness studio in Birmingham earlier this year and we just opened up our 3rd location.

    We are just happy to be along for the RIDE!!!!

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