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Meet Megan Hanson, owner of High Ride Cycle, who has the unique ability to bring her classes nationwide by being a part of the STRYDE network. STRYDE's mission is to give their community access to the top instructors across the country through their at-home bike and class membership. Read on to learn more about Megan's story! From opening her own indoor cycling studio to getting connected to the STRYDE family.

How did you get connected to STRYDE?

The Owner of Stryde, Pasha Chikosh, found my husband's information on LinkedIn and messaged him to set up a meeting to discuss partnering with Stryde. We loved the idea of bringing High Ride nationwide through the Stryde platform so we decided to continue the conversation!

We love STRYDE's mission of capturing the top boutique cycling class experiences and making it virtual for all to enjoy. How do you take your in-person energy and translate that to work virtually?

It's been a learning experience for sure! Teaching to a full room of 38 riders is very different than teaching to a camera. It's challenging to "read the room" when you don't know who is behind the screen riding with you at home. As instructors, we've had to learn how to bring energy and personality to riders at home so that we're able to connect through the screen. I absolutely love being able to hear feedback from the group, celebrate the small and big wins, and challenge riders to push past their limits.

Describe the STRYDE community in three words.

Supportive, motivated & eager to take on new challenges

What is the most important thing you have learned during your time as a fitness instructor?

I knew that being a fitness instructor would change my life but I never knew how much of an impact myself and our whole team could have on other people's lives. When you can have an impact on someone's life by making them feel stronger, believe in themselves, and gain a new level of confidence, THAT is what it is all about.

How does training in your TIEM's elevate your workout?

I absolutely love my TIEM cycling shoes. All of our team rides in them and we sell them at the studio. They are so comfortable and really help riders feel better while riding. We're out of the saddle a lot during class, so it is important that our team and riders are comfortable. TIEM has helped with this for sure! Anyone who has purchased a pair, has noticed a huge difference compared to other cycling shoes.

"I absolutely love being about to hear feedback from the group, celebrate the small and big wins, and challenge riders to push past their limits."

What advice would you give to someone going to their first STRYDE class?

Don't expect perfection. Trust the process, choose progress over perfection, and just show up. One day at a time, you'll get stronger.

What inspires you to be active?

I believe moving my body is definitely about my physical heath but is equally important for my mental heath. I can feel a change in my mood the second I finish a workout. It is so important to me to take care of my body and mind to show up in the world as the best version of myself.

Favorite post-class snack?


What's your go-to song to get a class pumped up?

Anything and everything Rihanna!

What is your favorite training tip/mantra?

Listen to your body. You know your body better than anyone. Take breaks when you need them, modify as needed, and if you're body is telling you to rest, do it!

In your opinion, what sets the STRYDE bike and program apart from its competitors?

I think there are a few things that set Stryde Bike apart from their competitors... 1. I absolutely love the construction of the Stryde bike. Some at-home bikes are not very sturdy and that is just not the case with the Stryde bike. 2. There are hundreds of classes ranging from 10 mins - 60 mins from different studios and different instructors to choose from. Even if you don't want to ride with the Stryde instructors, the tablet is unlocked so riders can watch Netflix or use a different platform to ride. 3. The community is something special. We have built an online community where the riders and instructors interact on a daily basis. It is really cool to get feedback from the riders, motivate our riders online, and celebrate their big and small wins! 4. Last but not least, this bike is so affordable. It's almost $1,000 cheaper than the leading competitor with better features and better construction!

Where do you get your playlist inspiration from?

I am always listening to music on Spotify and SoundCloud to find music that I can cycle to. I love a good throw back jam, some dirty beats, and some EDM that makes you push a little harder. Music is such a huge part of what we do at High Ride and Stryde, and it's so important to me that I motivate my riders through my playlist as well as my words.

Let us know how we can sweat with you!

You can find me on the Stryde app or at High Ride Cycle in Northglenn or Sloan's Lake! Can't wait to sweat with you.
Want a feel for Megan's class?! Check out her curated Spotify playlist below.

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