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Meet Kemi, founder and head sweat coach of Afrobeat Fit! Having fallen in love with dance as a young child, she grew up immersed in the movement and studies of various disciplines including Tap, Step, and Hip Hop. At just 16 years old she was hired to create a dance program at a local school, which then set her on a path of teaching dance and booking gigs through Boston & NYC. Eventually leading to a leap of faith pursuing dance on an industry level in Atlanta, GA. Unfortunately, two years into this journey a series of unfortunate events brought her back to her hometown; this redirection left her broken and wilted. Searching to find herself through dance again, but uncomfortable with going to local gyms or dance studios devoid of culture and women that looked like her, Kemi found a solution and created Afrobeat Fit. She beat her pre-diabetic diagnosis and bouts of depression with movement and music from the motherland. Read on to learn more about this enlightening form of movement and inspiring story!

Afrobeat Fit has been in operation since 2016 and is a high intensity cardio workout where music and movement derive from the late and great artist and influencers of Africa. Afrobeat Fit “Sweat Sessions” are always inclusive to all and rooted in love!

Since 2016, Afrobeat Fit has hosted over 500 small and large scale experiences centered around dance, cultural access and holistic wellness in various metro cities in the United States and Panama! With their most notable clients being the United States Coast Guard Academy, P&G Gillette Headquarters, Boston Chamber of Commerce, Harvard University, Black Health Matters Conference, and Qualcomm, to name a few.

In the midst of COVID 19, Afrobeat Fit shifted their fitness centered programs, to that which incorporated access to both fitness and holistic wellness. The most innovative of events being Sweat Weekend. Sweat Weekend was a full day virtual fitness conference that happened on National Fitness Day (May 2, 2020) where funds were raised for fitness professionals in need in the midst of COVID - 19.Close to 1K were raised, with 490 attendants from 27 countries across the globe. Other curated programs include the Booty Burn and Rise & Stretch segments which can be found free of charge on Instagram Live. Afrobeat Fit has also hosted over 200 free events on Instagram Live known as the Booty Burn segment and the Rise & Stretch.

Working out online has really blown up this past year. What do you love about the virtual fitness world?

What I enjoy the most about the virtual fitness world is that it removes the barrier of distance. I have been able to host classes overseas and also have folxs in our classes from all over the globe and without leaving the comforts of my living space. These past few months have been a beautiful reminder of just how big, yet small the world actually is!

What is your go to song?

Anything with a hard hitting beat!

Describe the Afrobeat Fit community in 3 words.

Tribe, Colorful & Loyal

Favorite exercise outside of your own classes?

Dancing in my room.

"I often joke that Afrobeat Fit was an idea scribbled on a piece of notebook paper, in one of my manifestations notebooks. It was something I came up with in Atlanta when I was living out there working and training as an industry dance. I never got the chance to bring the idea to fruition until a few years later. I found myself back in Providence, Rhode Island and I was struggling to acclimate back into the standard 9-5 life. I missed the sun and I missed dancing for upwards to 12 hours a day. I knew that I needed to find my way back to self and ground myself in my personal calling."

What is your go to post workout snack?


What advice would you give to someone going to their first Afrobeat Fit class?

Come as you are, listen to your body and keep moving!

What inspires you to be active?

Movement simply makes me feel good. I enjoy doing the things that feel good.

Best tips for staying motivated?

Stay active and motivated for YOU, not for the 6 packs abs or the body goals. Maintain your health because you feel better and look better when you do so. The 6 pack abs and body goals will follow.

What is your secret weapon that keeps your clients coming back?

When you bring your joy into the world rather than your work, people notice and that is what keeps them coming back.

What is your favorite training tip/mantra?

"We are striving for progression and not perfection. RIP to the competition and keep going. You're doing great! :)"

Tell us a little bit about why you love the Latus Training Sneakers for Afrobeat Fit classes?

I love the Latus Training Sneaker for Afrobeat Fit Sweat Sessions because it is light weight, yes responsive. I am able to hit the "shaku shaku" and squat jumps without rolling my ankle or hurting my knees.

"I beat my pre-diabetic diagnosis and bouts of depression with movement and music from the motherland."

As a fitness professional, we're sure rest is an important part of your routine. What are some of your favorite ways to rest and reset?

Currently, I look at rest as a ritual. What this means is I have been changing my views around resting and relaxing. I see it less as something I should do each day, but rather something I enjoy doing each day. I recently started going to sleep early and waking up early. I wake up refreshed, renewed and ready to attack the day with a full cup and a whole heart.

Have any mottos or resolutions you're going into 2021 with?

One of my 2021 Affirmations: I receive the love I so freely give! I believe that all things both good and bad come back to us.

Anything we haven't asked that you'd like to tell us about?

Currently, Afrobeat Fit is still bringing the sweat virtually and fostering happiness, healing and good vibes to various types of organizations which include corporations, community based organizations and colleges.In my free time, I. enjoy filling up my cup first, spending time with family/soul tribe, dancing and helping people unlock their inner power through Purpose Coaching.

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