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  • Here's why the Slipstreams are the perfect shoe for the Peloton Bike+

    Published in Tips on November 2nd, 2020

    Have you heard?? Peloton released the newest addition to their lineup of high end fitness equipment — the Peloton Bike+.

    With workouts featuring quick transitions between on-the-bike cardio to off-the-bike strength, we're here to tell you why the Slipstreams are your new virtual workout bestie.

    Please note, in order to use your Slipstreams with the Peloton Bike+ you will need to swap out the pedals for ones that are SPD compatible.

    Read more about this here.

    Headed into my first Peloton+ bootcamp workout, I was pumped…and curious. Will I feel like I got in enough cardio? Is the strength portion going to be brutal? How is this all going to flow? I’m an avid group fitness/studio class goer and I’ve taken full advantage of virtual classes this year, so I wasn’t a newbie to this environment.

    Basically I was expecting Barry’s Bootcamp but with a bike instead of a treadmill. So I woke up early, put on my current fave Sand Snake Slipstreams, and clipped in. Class was awesome. It was a real full body workout incorporating HIITs on the bike and easy to follow strength building moves.

    But the one thing I could not get over was how often the instructor was pausing class to change her shoes. This class was structured with 4 sections, bike-strength-bike-strength.

    That’s THREE shoe changes. While watching the trainer change her shoes, I was easily unclipping my slipstreams from the bike and walking over to my mat for strength. No shoe changes.

    I walked away from my bike excited to take another hybrid class — but also feeling extra thankful for my slipstreams, and here's why -


    At the start of a workout, I like knowing that everything I need is ready to go for the next 45-60 minutes. Needing two pairs of shoes for one workout adds an extra worry in my mind. Like, where are my trainers? Are my shoes tied too tight this round? Is she going to start before I'm done getting them on? With the slipstreams, you can go right into from clipping in to the pedal to setting yourself up for proper lifting form on the floor.


    If we're being honest — no, changing your shoes during a workout is not the end of the world. However, your workout is worth every minute. Picture taking those minutes while the instructor changes shoes to really catch your breath and get in the right mindset for the next round. Or, maybe you use this moment and stretch out the hamstring that usually needs some extra attention. The more you're mentally in it, the more you get out of your sweat sesh.

    3. SPACE

    For a lot of us who are new to the at-home gym game, space is LIMITED. Keeping one pair of shoes by your bike is an easy way to keep this area clutter free and approachable.  

    Form & Function blog is an independent resource associated with TIEM. This post is in no way affiliated with Peloton Cycle or Peloton Interactive. Please check with your bike supplier in regards to any restrictions or warrantees before switching your pedals.

    Have you used the slipstreams for an on & off the bike workout?! We would love to hear your thoughts!

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