Published in Spotlights on Feb 21, 2019

Kayla Dye

Lync Cycling
5717 Legacy Drive, Suite 120A
Plano, TX 75024

As a fitness instructor, social media manager and lifestyle influencer, Kayla Dye motivates and inspires through her story of transformation and enthusiasm for health and authenticity. While training for her ultimate goal of running a half marathon, Kayla experienced some knee trouble and was convinced by a friend to cross-train with a spin class. It was love at first peddle. Kayla immediately became hooked. Just three weeks into her cycling journey, her energy in class was magnetic and the owner of Lync cycling asked her to join the teacher training program. Each day Kayla grew as an instructor she became more and more obsessed. Seeing the life-changing impact she had on her riders she decided to commit herself to the studio, merging her skills at her former day job to become Lync Cycling’s social media and graphic design manager. This whirlwind transformation into the world of spin still ended with Kayla completing her goal of running a triumphant 13.1 miles. She hasn’t looked back since.

What is your go-to song?

Wreak havoc by Skylar grey (kroshwell remix)

What advice would you give to someone going to their first spin class?

Remember that everyone in that room had a first class at one point & no one is judging you. Enjoy yourself, have fun and let loose.

Favorite exercise besides spin?

HIIT and circuit training

What is your go to post workout snack?

Perfect bar, the peanut butter flavor.

“I’m real with my riders and I get to know them. They become family. I often remind my riders that I am THEM and I’m on this journey too.”

When you aren’t on a bike what are some of your favorite things to do?

READ! My face is in a book or listening to a new audiobook or a podcast. I love to escape in a good book, fiction or non! I also LOVE to just walk around barnes & noble. I usually walk out with a new book. Some would say I also have an unhealthy obsession with online shopping (looking at you @lululemon).

Can you share an embarrassing moment from one of your classes?

Absolutely. This was recent too lol I have SO MANY SONGS. 10,000? 20,000? I don’t even know. To save space on my laptop, I’ve transferred all of my music to an external hard drive. Well, my hard drive decided to just not work anymore in the first song of class and it was silent. Dead silent. Nothing more awkward in a rhythm ride spin class fueled by music than silence. So I went into my downloads folder of songs I had recently found but hadn’t used yet and basically played playlist roulette. I just picked a song that I didn’t really know the ins & outs to and wasn’t in my pre-planned playlist and we went for it! It ended up being an extremely challenging class because I had to get creative. Embarrassing at first because it seems like I was ill prepared but lync clients are amazing and realize there are trials and tribulations with technology!

What inspires you to be active?

This sounds so cheesy but there’s this feeling I had one day driving in my car, I looked out the window and the sky was so blue, the birds were flying around and I thought to myself… “life is so beautiful” and I knew that’s what happiness felt like. I’m active for the endorphins and the self-love and that feeling of pure happiness.

What is your favorite training tip/mantra?

My favorite mantra in class is more of a mental drill. There’s this song we have right before the last song in class and we vibe out. I tell the class to start making a list in their head. List all the things in their life that they LOVE. They love their spouse, ice cream, love their job, kids, mom, friends, love football, music, and so on. And to keep listing things for the first minute of the song. Then I ask them “how far did you get down that list until you named yourself and said I love me, I love myself.” I remind them to always put themselves first. You must love yourself first before you can fully love anyone else.

Anything we haven’t asked that you’d like to tell us about?

My role at lync is more than just an instructor. I am also the Marketing + Community Manager and proud to say that I am one of 3 boss babes who entirely & successfully run Lync! I handle all of our marketing efforts & community partnerships and client relations. It’s been so fun to get to be creative and evolve our brand over the years.

What is your secret weapon that keeps your riders coming back?

Authenticity. I’m real with my riders and I get to know them. They become family. I’ve gone to their weddings, seen their babies be born, had wine night during breakups and celebrated milestones with them. I often remind my riders that I am THEM and I’m on this journey too.

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