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  • October 02, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

    To celebrate the start of fall, let's get into gear with this week's playlist. As always, all choreography is just a suggestion. If you decide to tap it back and jump, or ride seated for the duration of the playlist, you're guaranteed to get a great workout. Enjoy!


    Higher Ground — TNGHT
    Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) — Calvin Harris
    Savage (feat. Flux Pavilion & MAX) — Whethan
    Beware of the Boys (Mundian to Bach Ke) [LooKas & D!rty AUD!O Remix]— Panjabi MC
    Home Alone — Ansel Elgort
    Say It (feat. Tove Lo) [Illenium Remix] — Flume
    Anything Could Happen (Flinch Remix) — Ellie Goulding
    Slasherr — Rustie
    All I Ever Wanted (feat. Louie) — Michael Brun
    With You (feat. Quin XCII) [Crystal Skies Remix] — Illenium
    Don't Leave — Snakehips & MØ

    Parental Advisory: Playlist may contain explicit content.

    If you’re new to a cycling class, keep these few things in mind:

    • Keep your core engaged and your back straight.
    • Do not tense your shoulders or squeeze the handlebars. Remember, upper body light.
    • Resistance is your friend! Don't ride too light or too heavy. Listen to your body.

    The Ride:

    Hand Positions

    Hand positions:

    Position 1: Keeping your hands in the center of the handlebar for warm ups, cool downs, or recovery.
    Position 2: Placing your hands in the curve of the handlebars.
    Position 3: Holding the top of the handlebars with hips over the seat.

    Song 1: Opening Jog: Find the rhythm and ride in position 3. Add some resistance. At each drop, bounce up and down for 32 counts. Be sure to keep your core engaged, chest up and open, and your glutes squeezed tight.

    Song 2: Party Hill & Reverse Jumps: Add in two turns on the resistance wheel while riding in 3. At the drop, start reverse jumps 8x for 2 counts each (2 counts down, 2 counts up). Ride in 3 for 16 counts. Repeat that sequence for the entire song and keep adding in resistance after each set.

    Song 3: Peppy Jog: Stay in 3 and take a little bit off from the resistance. At each drop, tap it back 16x!

    Song 4: Jumps: Sit with hands in position 2. Add in half a turn of resistance. At the first drop, jump up into position 2 for four counts (four counts up, four counts down) 4x, followed by two eight count jumps. For the second drop, four count jumps 4x. Then, finish the song with two count jumps! You will feel this one in your glutes. When jumping, keep your core engaged, and imagine there is a string attached to the top of your head pulling you straight up, then straight back down.

    Song 5: Sprints: Start standing in position 2. At first drop (0:43), isolate for 25 seconds. At next drop, sit down and pick up the cadence! Repeat this sequence with the next set of drops (2:10). At final drop, sprint until the end of the song.

    Song 6: Thick Hill: Crank up that resistance (4-5 turns) and ride seated! At the drops, stand into 3 and double up the pace. Add in a bounce if you want to help power through the heavy hill. Feel free to add in more resistance. Challenge yourself! This is where the changes happen!

    Song 7: Peppy Jog & Hip Slides: Reduce the resistance by 2 turns. Ride in 3 to the rhythm. At the choruses, start hip slides! Start with two four count slides, followed by two count slides 4x.

    Song 8: Arms: Hold your arms in front of you so they are parallel to the ground. Pulse them up and down for the duration of the song. Grab some light weights if you have them! Might seem simple enough, but you will definitely feel this in your shoulders, back, and core.

    Song 9: Soulful jog: Find the rhythm of the song, close your eyes and ride. You can do whatever feels good. Ride seated or standing. These are your 4 minutes to get in the zone.

    Song 10: Sprints: Ride standing with your hands in 3. At the drops, sprint!

    Song 11: Cooldown: Use this final song to slow your legs down. Be sure to take your time stretching out your legs, on and off the bike. Roll your shoulders and neck, wiggle your fingers and toes. Make sure nothing feels tight or clenched. And breathe.


    Tap Back: Make sure your back stays straight, abs are engaged, and stay tall on the bike. Rock your body back, moving your hips over the saddle, for a single count for a tap back. You should be able to feel the seat graze your bum as you do this move.

    Isolate: To isolate, go into position 3 and keep your back straight. Make sure your hips are back so that your bum is exactly over the saddle. Keep your elbows in and maintain light pressure on the handlebars. Avoid bouncing and feel the burn in your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

    Jump: Start in your saddle and when the time comes to “jump,” get into position 3 and pedal off the saddle. Return to your seated position and repeat as necessary.

    Hip Slides: Similar to tap back, except do not touch the saddle with your bum. Keep your arms and torso long with your chest up and open.

    Crunches: Standing or seated with hands in position 1. Engage your core and crunch. Squeeze at the bottom and keep your chest open with your shoulders wide.

    Reverse Jumps: Standing in position 3, engage your core and move your hips back until you are sitting in the seat. Return to the standing position and repeat to complete a reverse jump!