What's the right shoe for your HIIT workout?

Published in Tips on September 29th, 2020

You hear it everywhere in the fitness world these days — HIIT workouts are IN.
But what exactly is a HIIT workout? And what do I need for them?!

Read on for the 411 on all things HIIT.

First of all, what is a HIIT workout?!

Without even knowing it, you have probably already done a HIIT workout. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training — typically involving short periods of intense exercise followed by periods of less intense recovery. You'll fire through calories, build muscle, and even improve oxygen & blood flow while lowering blood pressure.

Still thinking you've never completed a HIIT workout? This method of training is found in popular workouts such as boxing, bootcamp, dance classes, and more!

Here at TIEM it's one of our favorite ways to move. Which is why we created the perfect trainer to get your HIIT game on point.


Why you need a different kind of support.

All of those workouts mentioned above have something in common. What? They're going to make you move laterally (side to side). Quick lateral movements, pivoting, and jumping are staples in HIIT classes. So you need a shoe that was made for it!

We've got just the thing — the Latus. She's got two unique features making this addition to your footwear lineup a total game changer.

1. STRAPPING SYSTEM - This unique velcro strapping system intentionally wraps around your foot at key points to allow major support right where you need it. Trust us when we say this gives new meaning to 'fitting like a glove'.

2.TIEMCORE Shock Absorption - Patented technology you won't find anywhere else. This cushioning keeps it soft and controlled underfoot for each jump, step, and pivot of your sweat sesh.

Already have sneakers?

Listen, we've got nothing against your fave shoes to put the miles in with — but we do have a problem with them being used for your high intensity workouts. Why? Because running sneakers are made with the intention to support forward movements (running, walking).So just like how the Latus is not created for running, your running sneakers aren't made for HIIT's.

Ready to get the most out of your HIIT workout?? Check out the Latus in five modern styles right here.

Want to see the Latus in action? Our Youtube page features virtual workouts from top instructors from across the country all rockin' their TIEMs.

Taylor Rae Almonte

RUMBLE Boxing Instructor

New York, NY

Paige Martindell

CLASS Studios Instructor

Dallas, TX

Lany Herman

BoxUnion Studio Instructor

Los Angeles, CA

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